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1 October 2012 - 4 December 2012

Catalina Bauer (Chile) is the first artist-in-residence to develop work in collaboration with participants from Gasworks’ Participation programme.

This current body of work follows on from Bauer's visit to Gasworks in 2011, and is part of her ongoing project Textileria, which explores the issue of collective making.

More on Catalina Bauer:

Bauer's work often aims to initiate informal collaborations that evolve into human scale production lines. This process invites individuals to seek enjoyment in moments of making together, where everyday materials are transformed into lovingly hand-crafted objects. Running alongside this interest in sharing the making process is Bauer's persistent use of commonplace, mass-manufactured materials. The works that result are often beautiful, elegant and sublime sculptural installations in which Bauer illuminates the multiple possibilities that are inherent to production on both a human and industrial scale.

Bauer's residency was made possible through a partnership between BECA AMA and Gasworks.

Find out more about Bauer's exhibition Incessant at Cecilia Brunson Projects from 4 June - 27 July 2013 here.

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