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TALK & IN-CONVERSATION: Through the Land

29 September 2012


As part of the Open Studio weekend, artist-in-residence Sunoj D. will elaborate on the research he has carried out for his commission at the Natural History Museum (NHM), London, which has specifically looked at the experiences and values of farmers within modern agricultural production. Sunoj D. is joined by farmers Nigel Carey from Mill Farm, Norfolk and Bharath Dev Kendanamane from Sakleshpur, India. After their individual presentations, Sunoj D. discusses the issues that have arisen during his research with independent curator and writer Alice Carey.

Bring a plant pot to the talk to be part of Sunoj D.'s participatory sculpture at the NHM

Sunoj D. would like people to contribute flower or plant pots during his residency at Gasworks, that will become part of his installation Remains of the Soil from the Land where the Sun never sets, installed in the Images of Nature Gallery at the NHM in early 2013.

The used pot can be for indoor or outdoor use and made from any material. Your name will be added to a list of donors, which will be etched onto a copper plate that is part of the installation.

Why plant pots? These pots are an urban object through which humans connect to the soil and nature. In a museum context everything is frozen and lifeless. These pots play a similar role: they once contained living soil and a plant, but both are now absent. Gathering information about the plants that used to grow in these pots can indicate contemporary trade routes and distributions of plants across the globe.

If you wish to donate a pot, then please bring it to Gasworks, 155 Vauxhall Street, London. SE11 5RH during events or office hours, with a note that answers the following questions:

What plant was in the pot (if you know):
How old is the pot (if you know):

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