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21 Oct 20 – 15 Feb 21

Ask Self-Doll

Gasworks presents Ask Self-Doll, an online programme accompanying Eduardo Navarro’s … More


19 Oct 20 – 11 Jan 21

Aaron Tan

Aaron Tan’s practice is invested in the materiality of spaces … More


19 Oct 20 – 11 Jan 21

Edwin Mingard

Edwin Mingard works across moving image, photography, illustration, installation and … More


19 Oct 20 – 11 Jan 21

Saman Archive

Saman is an archive of photographic negatives collected across Ghana. … More


19 Oct 20 – 11 Jan 21

Ebun Sodipo

Ebun Sodipo works across film, performance, installation, sound, poetry and … More

Participation event

14 Oct – 10 Dec 20

Virtual Feminist Economics Reading Group

December's reading group focuses on the text Heart Of The Race: Black Women's Lives in Britain by Berverley Bryan, Stella Dadzie and Suzanne Scafe. More


13 Oct – 30 Nov 20

A River Waits Reply

A screening series developed in partnership between seven international arts organisations, A River Waits Reply presents moving-image works from around the world as a poetic reply to this unprecedented year. More


1 Oct – 20 Dec 20

Eduardo Navarro: (breathspace)

Navarro's first UK solo show (breathspace) can be viewed via a video tour lead by the artist's proxy, Self-Doll. More


20 – 27 Aug 20

Episode 6: The Economy is Still Happening

Ruth and Amy catch up with speakers from the previous episodes to find out how the pandemic has affected them, and what hopes they have for the ‘new normal’.   More


13 – 27 Aug 20

Episode 5: We are the True Currency

What do we want the economy to be? How can we make a feminist economy? This episode looks at how feminist principals are used to shape research and economic policy. More


6 – 27 Aug 20

Episode 4: Suspended Time

Exploring the role unpaid care has in relation to women and work, this episode focuses on motherhood, and the profoundly shocking experience (for some) of infant dependency and the subsequent assertion of gender roles.  More


16 Jul 20

Episode 1: If Women Counted

Beginning by asking 'What is feminist economics? How are women part of, and excluded from, the economy?', artists Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck start to unpack the issues around work, care and parenthood. More


22 Jun – 5 Jul 20

Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc - Foreword to Guns for Banta

Abbonec’s diaporama re-introduces the public to the work of Sarah Maldoror, a pioneering yet little known French filmmaker of Guadeloupean origin, whose films are closely linked to the liberation struggles in lusophone Africa. More

Participation project

15 – 21 Jun 20

So remember the liquid ground

A programme of meditative and sensorial experiences crossing over the digital, physical and spiritual realms.    More


18 May – 5 Jul 20

Gasworks Online Screenings: May - June

Online screenings of works by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Patricia Domínguez, and Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, accompanied by interviews with the artists, texts and reviews. More


11 – 17 May 20

Maryam Jafri: Mouthfeel

Mouthfeel is a short film which explories the politics underpinning the industrial production of food, connecting themes as diverse as “big food”, flavour enhancement technology and overconsumption. More


27 Apr – 4 May 20

Filipa César & Louis Henderson: Sunstone

Artists Henderson and César consider how imperial gestures of discovery, revelation and possession are embedded in associations between seeing and understanding, light projection and enlightenment. More


14 Apr – 2 Jun 20

UK Artist Grant Writing Support

UK Artist Grant Writing Support is a network of artists, curators and producers working in contemporary art organisations, who are coming together to provide in-kind support to artists requiring help with emergency grant applications. This network has been established in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its increasingly serious economic impact on artists.   More