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Stealing Beauty Video Still, 2007 Image courtesy the artist and Gimpel Fils

Stealing Beauty Video Still, 2007 Image courtesy the artist and Gimpel Fils

4pm - 6pm

[…] “I think you're really too perfect to live in this world. I mean, all the beautifully furnished rooms, carefully-designed interiors, everything's so controlled. There wasn't any room for any real feelings…”, Joey (Mary Beth Hurt) tells her mother, a troubled interior decorator in Woody Allen’s Interiors (1978).

This informal afternoon of film screenings takes Matthew Darbyshire’s current exhibition Blades House as a point of departure to look at how artists and filmmakers have used interiors in their work to reflect upon wider social and economic issues.

Stealing Beauty, 2007 by Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ner uses the showrooms of various IKEA stores as stage settings for as long as they remain undetected by the store’s security. During this time he turns the furnishings and accessories into props to help him and his family enact the actions of their daily lives, like having a shower or reading a story to his children before bedtime.

Jamie Johnson’s film A Holiday Around My Bedroom, 2003 again features the artist in the work. Being too broke to go on holiday, Johnson takes the opportunity for some “time out”. Leaving the daily grind behind he chooses to explore from a new vantage point the place he knows best: his bedroom. This playful documentary sees Johnson engulfed by his room and the once familiar space becomes full of uncertainties and new relationships.

The afternoon will conclude with a sequence of clips from feature films. The compilation will highlight the fascination of a handful of filmmakers for interiors and product design – domestic or corporate – as well as for branding and product placement. The way these are used to draw out a character’s persona, social standing or personal aspirations will be under scrutiny.

No booking necessary but seating will be limited.

For more information about Blades House by Matthew Darbyshire see the webpage.