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Image courtesy of National Museums Liverpool.

The gallery will be transformed for a day into an immersive audio installation by Lauren Gault’s long-term collaborator Richy Carey, expanding on the existing audio works in the exhibition. A series of phasing compositions will build throughout the day, made from fragments of field recordings and conversations between the artists collected over five years.    

You can listen to the audio from the installation below. Please note that this was composed in response to the works and materials in the exhibition and is intended to be experienced with them. A graphic score of the composition that accompanied the installation can be downloaded in the resources section at the bottom of this page.  



Richy Carey is a composer based on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. He often works collaboratively to create distributed compositions that address the complex, communal ecologies of authorship, agency and empathy materialised through processes of listening and sounding, together. Recent works include Bugs and Beasts Before the Law with Bambitchell, Mercer Union, Toronto, (2019); Accents, Glasgow Short Film Festival; The Forest of Everything, Margaret Tait 100/LUX Scotland, (both 2019); the TWIST is that you’re just like me, Tramway, Glasgow, (2018); and Special Works School with Bambitchell (Dazibao, Montréal, 2010; Berlinale, Berlin 2019; Gallery TPW, Toronto, 2018).


This event accompanies Lauren Gault's exhibition C I T H R A, which features new sculptures made from materials as diverse as polished horn, blown glass, pumped air, light, and water, and explore the transitions between different states of matter and non-human time scales, while also addressing the ethical and political implications of our everyday interactions with the environment. 

Gasworks events are free to attend, no booking required.