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Regina José Galindo, Tierra (Land) 2013. Courtesy of Regina Jose Galindo. Photo: Bertrand Huet


Artist Regina José Galindo discusses her practice with Emiliano Valdés, associate curator of the 10th Gwangiu Bienniale, and Co-director of Proyectos Ultravioleta, a multifaceted space for experimentation in contemporary art based in Guatemala City’s historical centre.

Regina José Galindo is a visual artist specialising in performance art. Her work explores the universal ethical implications of social injustice, discrimination related to race, gender and other abuses involved in the unequal power relations that operate in our current society.

This event coincides with the opening of A Chronicle of Interventions at Tate Modern, Project Space (2 May – 13 July 2014). A Chronicle of Interventions presents a response to the history of economic, political, military and foreign interventions in Central America. Beginning with an archival installation of Group Material’s 1984 work Timeline: A Chronicle of US Intervention in Central and Latin America, the exhibition gathers work by seven contemporary artists who explore the ramifications of these historical interventions that have shaped the contemporary reality of this region.

The event and exhibition is part of Gasworks' ongoing curatorial exchange programme with Tate Modern in partnership with TEOR /éTica, San José, Costa Rica.