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8pm, at the ICA, Nash/Brandon Rooms

Nought to Sixty includes a series of monthly salon discussions that address the networks that contribute to an emerging art scene. This month's salon has been co-organised by Gasworks, a non-profit art and studio space in South London.

The event is structured as a public meeting between curators, programme managers and artists who work in institutions and/or run their own space. They work in a manner that is both independent and often collaborative, and in some cases have introduced flexibility within the institution which is rendered rigid by its funding structure and its economical survival.

This public meeting engages with ideas of openness and audience members are encouraged to take part in the discussion. The main proposal is for openness in communication, i.e. communicating about one's ideas, one's programme of activities, and knowledge-sharing. Taking the scenario further, competitivity and individualism would become redundant and make space for possible forms of collaboration across spaces, whether large or small, private or public, institutional or self-organised, commercial or not for profit.

This discussion addresses by the same means the current blurring of boundaries between private and public space, institutional and artist-run space, etc which are less antagonistic now than they ever were, being thus adequate terrains for cross-collaboration. Which phenomena came first, and what the near future could look like, are questions that will be discussed during this event.

Speakers include Anna Colin (Gasworks), Emily Pethick (The Showroom), Joe Scotland and Sarah McCrory (Studio Voltaire), Alex Sainsbury, Form Content, The Hex, amongst others participants tbc. Chaired by Alessio Antoniolli (Gasworks).