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Cristóbal Lehyt, La Costa (still) (2008), HD video projection, 6'25" loop 

Alberto Tadiello, PWS 1200 IPC KH3116 (2008). Circular saws, cord, hooks, snaplinks, timer. Variable dimensions.
Courtesy of T293, Naples.

Priya Sen, About Elsewhere (still) (2007), video, 28' 

Preview: Thursday 25 March, 7-9pm

Cristóbal Lehyt, Priya Sen and Alberto Tadiello open their studios to the public to show and discuss the development of their work during their stay in London.

Screening: Priya Sen

Saturday 27 March, 3-4:30pm

As part of the Open Studio weekend, Priya Sen presents a selection of her video works, followed by an informal conversation with the artist.