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Small publishers working in and around Asia face difficulties in distributing their stock both domestically and abroad due to restrictions and lack of resources. To facilitate the wider circulation of these publications and periodicals, Display Distribute initiates LIGHT LOGISTICS, a new network relying on the surplus carrying power of willing couriers transporting small amounts of printed matter in their personal luggage from one point to another.

Over the course of the next two months, Gasworks serves as a dispatch node for EU-bound materials, with the intention of playing an active part in the circulation and dissemination of these works. Visitors are invited to peruse the growing catalogue of books in our entrance foyer, as well as enlist as couriers for upcoming delivery routes.

LIGHT LOGISTICS is part of a wider discussion of globally enabled and dismantled forms of exchange amidst a late-capitalist networked production. A series of events and other flexible forms of reading and writing unfold in different cities at various hosting institutions—bookshops, artist-run spaces and book fairs. This “not-in-time” logistical project debuted with a presentation of pirated ephemera dedicated by various contributors at BANK in Shanghai in the form of a corporeal book display. Other participants in the LIGHT LOGISTICS network include WEAR journal (Beijing), AJAR Press (Hanoi), Arrow Factory (Beijing), Street Voice (Kuala Lumpur), Wooferten (Hong Kong), No Lady Swears (Tokyo), Modes Vu (Shenzhen), Subjam (Beijing), WORKERS (Seoul), Concrete Flux (Beijing) and Spring Workshop (Hong Kong).



Subversive Shopping Strategies, Disturbing Distribution, Shadow Research, An Endless Garment...

Display Distribute is a shop, exhibition space, distribution service and thematic inquiry in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Wedged between a lighting store and purveyor of dry goods, it hosts a roving cast of vendors selling everything from fake designer handbags to life insurance. This project, which began in 2013 as a documentary gesture of a distinct urban phenomenon, has unfolded as a series of investigations taking the form of interventions, research initiatives and exhibitions over the past three years. With the contributions of various artists, writers and social practitioners, it has grown to form a unique document attesting to the ad-hoc arrangements emerging out of a particular socio-economic environment. Hong Kong—a port city with proximity to “the world’s factory”—is seen as both a facilitator and processor, a microcosm into broader global trends that also bares witness to the capricious circulation patterns of “low-end globalization”. Taking its vendors, wares and customers as a starting point, Display Distribute explores the various micro and macro interactions that are rapidly transforming the social and material landscape, tracing its flows and fissures to surface new possibilities for collaborative and networked forms of production.