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Screening of Looking for Headless (2010), a documentary commissioned by Goldin+Senneby in the frame of "Headless", a project initiated in 2007.

How do you look for something that isn’t there? Kate Cooper and Richard John Jones take on the role of rookie documentary filmmakers and try to find the middle of nowhere. Sounds confusing? As they find out, this is only the beginning when you cross the border to the non-place of offshore…

“I was still living in Gibraltar, working through my notice at Sovereign Trust, an offshore management company. [...] One of thousands of companies that Sovereign manages is called Headless. It was incorporated (i.e. registered) on the Bahamas through our Gibraltar office. Headless is a strange name, and it got me thinking. Then we got a call from Goldin and Senneby, two Swedish artists. They said they were looking into Headless Ltd. This definitely was strange. Companies like Headless are not really ‘open to investigation,’ so I didn't really understand Goldin and Senneby's angle here.”
- K.D. in In Search of Story: A journal in eight parts

Looking for Headless is screened twice in a Regus meeting room in Broadgate Tower, at the heart of London's financial centre.

Location: Broadgate Tower, Regus, Smithfield Room, 20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2EW. Map

This event is now fully booked.