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 Paloma Polo, The Path to Totality (detail) (2010). Projection of 79 slides

 Emanuele Becheri, Impressione #1, 2010, spider web on adhesive paper, 100x70 cm. Courtesy of the artist


Drinks reception: Saturday 25, 5-6pm

To conclude their residencies at Gasworks, artists Emanuele Becheri (Italy) and Paloma Polo (Spain) will show work in progress and discuss the ideas that they've been exploring during their stay in London.

Emanuele Becheri (Italy) acts both as the director as well the the lone witness of the events and situations that he stages and records. Relying on the role of chance in the process of making, his works are an outcome of narratives and scenarios such as the the trail of snails travelling over a painted card, a storm breaking out or combustion of everyday objects.

Paloma Polo (Spain) is interested in the political and ideological discourses related to the history of science and technology. During her residency at Gasworks, Polo has been researching the British expeditions to study eclipses which, whilst failed in scientific terms, paralleled political and economic colonial interests. The research will inform her ongoing project The Path of Totality.