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Csaba Nemes Open Studio, 2010

Csaba Nemes Open Studio, 2010


Artists Hu Yun, Ingela Johansson, Mehreen Murtaza and Csaba Nemes conclude their residencies at Gasworks by opening their studios to the public. Visitors can meet the artists and tour their studios all day on Saturday and Sunday. Join us for drinks on Saturday after Hu Yun's talk.

Saturday 11 December


Artist Francesc Ruiz will reveal the research and inspiration behind his solo exhibition Gasworks Yaoi. Ruiz will also discuss the use of comics in his practice by introducing some of his previous projects.


Artist Hu Yun will discuss his work with Bergit Arends, Curator of Contemporary Art at Natural History Museum. They will focus on his research based on the John Reeves Collection of Illustrations of Zoological Drawings from Canton, China 1774-1856. The material will inform his forthcoming exhibition at the Natural History Museum in January 2011.


Join us for drinks!

Sunday 12 December


Residency artist Ingela Johansson in conversation with anthropologist Mao Mollona on representation of labour in documentary film practice and film as a tool of intervention and education.