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Preparation for Deleted Swedish Stories

Still from The Battle of Algiers (1966).
Translation: "But it’s only afterwards, once we’ve won, that the real difficulties begin."

6.30-7.30pm · Deleted Swedish Stories. By Petra Bauer.
A performative lecture through which the artist examines and argues for the fact that societies are to a wide extent constructed on information that has been consciously hidden, forgotten or overlooked by history.

Such discussion can be applied to any society, but the focus of this lecture mainly draws on examples from the 1960s and 1970s in Sweden, in which it has become obvious that information has been taken away, concealed or twisted. One instance deals with the film The Battle of Algiers, which was imported to Sweden in 1967. In the Swedish film print, a scene – the only one in the film that gives an ideological reason to why the FNL used violence during the war in Algiers – has been eradicated. Since the film was never censored, the logical conclusion is that it is the company which imported the film that took the scene out. In the lecture the artist discusses how this act can be read and analysed, and how it can be related to other tendencies in Swedish society of that time. In her opinion every action, which in these specific examples aim at deleting, suppressing or marginalising events, can be connected to prevailing ideological convictions in both present and past Swedish society.

This event coincides with Disclosures.