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Arrow Factory (Bejing) founders Wang Wei and Rania Ho will be in conversation with Ming Lin from Display Distribute (Hong Kong).

Founded in 2008, Arrow Factory is one of the longest standing, independent, non-commercial art spaces in Beijing. Located in a narrow alley inside the city center, this 15 square meter space organizes an innovative program, focusing on site-oriented artistic display, collaboration and experimentation by local and international contemporary artists. Artists Rania Ho and Wang Wei are two of the three founders of Arrow Factory and will discuss their experiences of running an independent art space in the context of China. They will be in conversation with writer and researcher, Ming Lin of Display Distribute.

Display Distribute is a shop, exhibition space, distribution service and thematic inquiry in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Wedged between a lighting store and purveyor of dry goods, it hosts a roving cast of vendors selling everything from fake designer handbags to life insurance. This project, which began in 2013 as a documentary gesture of a distinct urban phenomenon, has unfolded as a series of investigations taking the form of interventions, research initiatives and exhibitions over the past three years. Taking its vendors, wares and customers as a starting point, Display Distribute explores the various micro and macro interactions that are rapidly transforming the social and material landscape, tracing its flows and fissures to surface new possibilities for collaborative and networked forms of production.


Rania Ho
Through an ongoing engagement of whimsical irreverence, Ho’s installations re-assemble mundane and everyday materials into playful and emancipatory “anti-momuments.”  She has participated in exhibitions throughout Asia, Europe and the United States.

Wang Wei 
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1996. Wang is a multidisciplinary installation artist who looks at how the navigation of physical spaces can inform us about our own lived reality. Through modifying existing architectural structures with subtle, surprising additions or appropriating stylized features from disparate sources, Wang has developed a strong practice around interventions that aim to disrupt human perceptions of space while opening a dialogue about construction, labor and ways of seeing.

Ming Lin
Ming Lin is a writer-researcher whose activities have frequently revolved around Display Distribute, a small distribution point, shop and exhibition space in Hong Kong. Her work examines the poetics of production, currently at the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths. Further writings can be found at LEAP, ArtAsiaPacific, art-agenda and ArtReview Asia. 

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