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6.30pm - 8pm

Residents at Gasworks until April 2008, Abhishek Hazra and Goldin+Senneby have been invited by the residency and exhibition programmes to develop work to be presented during Disclosures, Gasworks’ forthcoming exhibition and seminar.
The artists will present their practices as well as the development of current projects, and offer the opportunity for questions and discussions.

Abhishek Hazra is a visual artist based in Bangalore. Often working in animation, video and large digital prints, his practice explores the encounters between technology and culture through various narrative devices that exploit the slippage between text and image. He is also interested in the social history of scientific practices, and his current, ongoing project attempts to explore the early history of science research in India, with a particular focus on scientific pedagogy in Bengali.
In this vein he is interested in the way activities like scientific journalism and illustration participate in the complex dynamics of 'knowledge dissemination' and 'translation'.

Goldin+Senneby is the framework for collaboration between artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby, who live and work in Stockholm. Their practice focuses on the immaterialisation of contemporary society, the emergence of a network economy and the virtualisation of labor. Their investigations take the form of actions, theoretical pursuits and wider collaborations while continually questioning the process of investigation itself.
Goldin+Senneby’s ongoing research focuses on an offshore company known as Headless Ltd, incorporated in Nassau, Bahamas, in 2002. This is continuously being traced in a docu-fictional novel by John Barlow, Looking For Headless. Barlow’s collaboration searches for the physical manifestations of Headless Ltd, locating the material staging of the fictitious place/non-place, of the offshore incorporation. Barlow’s journey to the Bahamas, recorded as a travel journal and performative investigation, will take place at the time of Disclosures.

For more information about Disclosures see the webpage.