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Video installation

during the Q&A

Mahmoud Khaled's presentation

Pedro Ortuno's presentation

Refreshments will be available

At the beginning of their residencies, Gasworks' current visiting artists Andrew Esiebo, Mahmoud Khaled, Goddy Leye and Pedro Ortuño will each present short discussions about their practices. Three of the artists (Esiebo, Khaled and Leye) are on residency as part of Africa Beyond, a UK-wide season of African art and culture.

Though diverse in practice and influences, the visiting artists' practices overlap in various ways; often bringing their perspectives to work in lens-based media. The discussion following the short presentations will explore the faceted ways in which the artists approach their media:  photojournalism, video installation, project- and conceptually-led new media practices, and the documentary form, are variously embedded and interrogated within the visiting artists' practices.

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Africa Beyond

PAC Murcia

Photographers' Gallery

Southbank Centre