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As part of our Open Studios day, international artist in residence Romy Rüegger will perform Binary Codes as NO.


What is underlined generates a line that
connects places and names, emphasizes, picks out
and highlights. It’s the thread of one of many possible
memories. How many coded languages do you
speak and how many do you write? This is a history
of ghost writers and aliases, publishing under false
names, readings between the lines, social codes and
visual ones.

Hacking the symbolic order:
words that address a social code, shifting the social order.

I run into her, one hot summer night, it must
have been late. Typing: conceptual art, male gaze,

I run into her, tired from the heat. Typing:
misogyny, hormonal therapy, bio power


I run into her, after my guests had left. Searching
for: sisterhood, jealousy, say her name


Romy Rüegger’s residency is supported by Pro Helvetia and she is hosted in the Sackler residency studio.