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1h 14min
Dir: Emiko Omori and Wendy Slick
Wabi Sabi Productions

Directed by Emiko Omori and Wendy Slick, PASSION and POWER: The Technology of Orgasm tells the story of the invention of the vibrator and its relationship to the female orgasm. 

Based on Rachel Maines' book The Technology of Orgasm, this film explores the history of the vibrator from the Victorian era through the sexual revolution of the 1960s, to the post-feminist present. As well as revealing the vibrators past the documentary also explores the female orgasm and examines how both have influenced sexual politics and gender dynamics throughout history. Read a full synposis of the film here.

Please register for a place if you would like to attend. Please note that this event begins promptly at 7pm, latecomers tickets may be reallocated.