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 Steina & Woody Vasulka, Decay, 1970

 Alice Theobald, 'She Dont Even Know What Happened' Horse Hospital, 2013

 Liam Wright Higgins


Marking the start of two months of activity, SIT|EV’s inaugural event explores the use of music within contemporary art practice. The event features screenings of works by video-art pioneers Steina and Woody Vasulka, performances from SIT|EV commissioned artist Alice Theobald, contributions from Sarah Rara + Luke Fischbeck (Lucky Dragons), a screening of recent works by Peter Burr and a collaborative performance by Liam Wright Higgins & Joseph Lewis (featuring Naseby Fox) . With a particular focus on how artistic processes can be used as compositional tools, the evening’s activity considers both the legacy of ‘process music’ of the 1960s and how sound and image processing techniques overlap.

6.45pm. Doors open
7.20pm. Screening: Steina and Woody Vasulka - Studies
8.00pm. Performance: Alice Theobald - What Is It? (I Don't Know) from They Keep Putting Words In My Mouth! An Operetta Of Sorts - in progress
8.30pm. Screening: Peter Burr – Alone With the Moon
8.50pm. Performance: Liam Wright Higgins and Joseph Lewis (featuring Naseby Fox) – Man about a Dog

6.50-9.50pm. Throughout the evening there will be an installation screening of Air Quality by Sarah Rara + Luke Fischbeck (Lucky Dragons)

SITUATION|EVENT (SIT|EV), a 60-day programme exploring live, durational and participatory contemporary art practice, bringing audiences in direct contact with the process of art making as it unfolds. Visit the SIT|EV page for the full programme of events.