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Open Studios: 12-6pm 
Artist Presentations: 4pm

Get to know our artists in residence at this free event offering visitors a unique opportunity to visit them in their studios and discuss their research and work-in-progress developed during the residency. Artists: Sarah Rose (New Zealand), Janaina Wagner (Brazil), and Laima Leyton and Lexy Morvaridi (UK).

The artists have made some of their recent projects and research available on our website for those who are unable to visit.


Sarah Rose (New Zealand) predominantly works in sculpture, sound, installation and expanded forms of publishing. Sarah has been collecting and reprocessing newspapers into a synthetic wood veneer - similar to the process of making plywood. The processing of this material is cathartic and embodied, transforming a material into another potential structure.

Artist in residence Janaina Wagner (Brazil) works across video, photography, scenography, drawing and installation. Her work aims to present a critical understanding of the ways in which humans impose systems of order and control upon their surroundings. 

Participation artists in residence Laima Leyton and Lexy Morvaridi are using a residency studio to work on InnerSwell. Developed as a series of collaborations with people living in the vicinity of Gasworks, the project explores memory and sound, social documentation and the creative process, inspired by Deep Listening.