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Latin Elephant and Gasworks are delighted to present a workshop by artists and activists Blkmoodyboi and The Bonita Chola to collectively remember and reflect on the impact of the recent urban redevelopment in the Elephant and Castle area within the Latin American community in London. This event will take place at the headquarters of United Voices of the World, a grassroots trade union for low paid, migrant and precarious workers.

This workshop seeks to create a space to honour and share personal and collective memories of an area of great importance to migrant communities in London. It's a space to rethink the present and future significance of this area after the redevelopment process. In the past, Elephant and Castle has played a major role as a cultural, political and social enclave for Latin American folks in London. This workshop is an opportunity to collectively reflect on the present and future of this relationship to an urban environment undergoing major transformation.

Based on these informal conversations, artists Blkmoodyboi and The Bonita Chola will lead in the creation of a series of collective posters as part of an Elephant and Castle memory project. The outcome of this workshop will be presented at Gasworks at a later date.


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While this workshop is open to all, Indigenous, Latinx and POC participants are particularly encouraged to attend.

Booking is required to attend this workshop and it has a limited capacity of 15 people.

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If you are unable to attend the workshop, we ask that you please cancel your reservation as soon as possible in order to allow people on the waiting list to attend.

This event is organised by Latin Elephant and presented in partnership with Gasworks with support from United Voices of the World, as part of the programme Inhabiting Spaces (2021-2022). Supported by the Arts Council England, this programme aims to enable access and increase participation in the arts by the Latin American communities in the UK.



blkmoodyboi is a self-taught, non-binary Afro-Indigenous Caribbean illustrator living in London. Their art practice centres Black and Brown trans people. They draw QTIBIPOC in joy, abundance and as part of struggle and political resistance.

The Bonita Chola (aka Angela Camacho) is an Indigenous descendant, domestic worker, creative, 'bruja', community organiser, and ancestor in the making, whose work is rooted in the need to take back a sense of space and place of origin.