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Simon Granger

This exhibition coincided with the inclusion of 'Carriage' from Simon Grangers series in the John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 20 and followed the showing of animal paintings in EAST International at the Norwich Gallery and the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in the Summer of 1997.


"Simon Granger's idea of animals is bizarre to say the least.. These creatures-the things of nightmares- hover or fly above a bland Orwellian landscape, but manage to be pure art forms."
Kate Bernard, Evening Standard.

"Simon Granger's hybrid creatures-part fish, part bird, part plant- could only exist as paintings, but then again, BSE has proven that anything is possible"
Sotiris Kyriacou, Art Monthly. "Somewhere between birds, fish, insects and cuddly toys Simon Granger sets up his decoys to meaning painted in a pastiche of trompe l'oeile"
Lynda Morris, Curator, EAST International and Norwich Gallery.