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Beth Harland
Rebecca Fortnum

"Late at night the hour came to take her home. She pointed out the few stars that could be seen on this black night. I turned off the headlights. She laughed in terror. I coasted without lights down the curving hills. With both her hands she held on to my arm, her fingers squeezed my arm and she laughed and shivered as we hurtled along, a dark shape in the dark road under the stars." E.L. Doctorow

Rebecca Fortnum
and Beth Harland make painting that refer, in very different ways, to moments of extreme feeling. These are not moments of abandonment - viewer and artist remain self-conscious in the act of experiencing. Fortnum's paintings refer to empty interior spaces into which an observer's texts invade in an attempt to pin down the precise location of pain or pleasure.

images, mediated and distanced by their use of the photograph and a strategic discontinuity of language, allow us to witness moments of both public disaster and private fragmentation.

Beth Harland has exhibited this year in Now Wash Your Hands at the Arnolfini and Berwick Gymnasium and Relatives at the Anna Bornholdt Gallery, London. Rebecca Fortnum's recent solo shows include, Contra Diction, at the Winchester Gallery and Third Person, at the Kapil Jariwala Gallery, London. Both Harland and Fortnum are resident Gasworks artists.