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Gary Anderson, Thomas Barker, James Brooks, Stuart Bullen, Fran Burden, Andrew Carter, Jenka Chigic-Vronskaia, Roger Carke, John Coleman, Ann-Marie Creamer, Michael Croft, Charlotte Cullinan, Sean Cummins, Dexter Dalwood, Alexis Deacon, Tacita Dean, Celeste Doig, John Dougil, Jon Gilhooley, David Gittings, Sarah Forrester, John Fortnum, Rebecca Fortnum, Simon Granger, Michael Grant, Liz Hough, Beth Harland, Tracey Harris, Vit Hopley, Gill Houghton, Helen Ireland, Vanessa Jackson, Kapil Jariwala, Sarah Jones, Heidi Jukes, Marq Kearey, Jo Lawrence, Mark Lawrence, Karen Macaw, Jane Miller, Jan Mladovsky, Jim Mooney, Sadie Murdoch, Eve Muske, Ben Norland, Eugene Palmer, Pendle, Jacqui Poncelet, Aimie Reeves, Frances Richardson, Martyn Ridgewell, Grant Rogers, Caroline Ross, Steve Smith, Emilia Sunyer, Robin Tait, Emma Tod, Jessica Voorsanger, Glen Ward, Mark White, Vanessa Wilson.

To mark the opening of the Gasworks Gallery we invited a number of artists to tell us about



He's one in a million… he demands respect…he's the one we adore and you know he's always right…

DAD - Can you be sure he's yours? - unless of course he's got your nose.

"Dad, typical of mixed shows in artist operated spaces, has the zip that the Turner Prize invariably lacks" William Feaver, The Observer