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Will Bradley
Anne-Marie G-Copestake
Ori Gersht
Fanni Niemi Junkola
Phillip Lai
Eva Rothschild
Abi Stockbridge
Sue Tompkins
Sarah Tripp
Masato Wakabayashi

"It's as if they were gambling their lives on a single card in the expectation of one great moment of happiness, when finally they will achieve spiritual and physical gratification." /Wilhelm Stekel

Deep Signal presented the work of ten contemporary artists in an exhibition which intended to describe social behavior at its most extreme; when it is 'compulsive'. Traces or evidence of compulsive actions were the physical matter of this show. The work adopted a documentary approach; demonstrating rather than describing actions. Five of these artists are based in London, present a determination to exceed social conventions. The show included text, drawing photographic, sculptural and video works.

"I rather like Ori Gersht's photographic portraits of a young man and a girl, taken in various moods and clothes. It is fascinating to see how different a person can look with the smallest of changes".
Sue Hubbard, Time Out

Curated by Sarah Tripp.