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Gavin O'Curry

Gavin O'Curry exhibited in Europard sans frontieres, Midi Art, Paris, 1993. He was included in The Whitechapel Open and Lead and Follow at Atlantis Gallery, London in 1994. This was the artist's first solo exhibition.

makes versions of domestic appliances and fittings, the end product of a line of investigation that starts with the collecting of manufacturers brochures. From these photographs and lists of specifications he makes numerous detailed drawings and plans. The finished objects reflect the artist's fascination with the sophistication of pattern and design that is remarkably commonplace.

Of equal interest to the artist are the various ways in which the objects are represented or exist; the photographs, drawings or model number, and the gaps between or inadequacies of each version. One of the three pieces on display, Oven 40/40 DB, is a great deal closer to actually being an oven than any photographic rendering despite the lack of switches or heating elements. It's realistic proportions and shiny black enamel façade demonstrate its potential function, while the missing rear panels reveal its wooden construction and true identity as a surrogate. By refering so closely to the functional, and employing made as well as found objects, the artist raises issues concerning the status and identity of everyday items and demonstrates the continued and valuable role of object making.