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Peter Todd

This exhibition screened Peter Todd's film 'Diary' which combined elements of poetry and realism to create a heightened experience of daily life in which time, place, character and emotions overlapped. In any one moment memories were present, together with hopes, apprehensions, thoughts of and for the future.


" the film conveys that experience of suddenly being aware of your surroundings…of seeing everything with great clarity. At the time you can feel that world would shatter, but, as the film demonstrates, it doesn't, it just continues to be there, the same… In the disjunction between these perceptions, which is managed with a very light touch, there is a respect for the everyday and a compassion for its own inhabitants…The work hints at the tragedy of the normal and the normality of the tragic."
Nicholas Baumfield, Poem Film Film Poem.

"No special effects: just a camera trained on the nondescript surroundings, made poignant by the soundtrack's medley of voices and the directors sensitivity to the layers of emotion that shape the most ordinary lives."
Geoff Brown, The Times.