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Sophie Newell
Ian Vail

Forked Lightning and an Outbreak of Goosepimples consisted of two installations where each artist made a blatant attempt to remove the audience from the banality which causes our desire for escapism. The artists used different strategies to focus on the futility of our dreams in the face of reality.

Sophie Newell's
hyper-real constructions floated above our heads as a remainder of a scene with which we are familiar. The piece was simultaneously and constrastingly, mundane and fantastical; the recreated ceiling, seemingly wrenched from its original location, was transformed into a spectacular object.

In Ian Vail's installation a chair bravely presented its cheap baroque against a back-drop of clouds which moved slowly across a blue grounded as the mechanics of the fiction were exposed.

Sophie Newell
and Ian Vail graduated from Chelsea MA in 1996. Newell has exhibited recently in Blink at Battersea Arts Centre, SAD(Gasworks) and Rising Stars in MA painting Art 96 London Contemporary Art Fair. In 1997 Vail exhibited in Multiple Choice at Cubitt Gallery and SAD.