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Filipa César and Louis Henderson, Sunstone, film still, 2017. Co-commissioned by Gasworks and Contour Biennale 8. Courtesy of the artists.

Monira Al Qadiri, The Craft, film still, 2017. VHS video, colour with sound, 16 min. Co-commissioned by Gasworks and the Sursock Museum. Courtesy of the artist.

Maryam Jafri, Mouthfeel, 2014. 2K HD video with sound, 21:34 min. Commissioned by Gasworks. Courtesy the artist.

Throughout April and May 2020 Gasworks presents a series of online screenings of artist films commissioned for our exhibitions programme over the last few years. Featuring works by Monira Al Qadiri, Louis Henderson & Filipa César, and Maryam Jafri, each piece will be available to stream on Gasworks’ website for one week and is accompanied by interviews with the artists, audio lectures and reviews.


Programme schedule:

9 - 17 April: Monira Al Qadiri, The Craft, 2017
Al Qadiri's science fiction video and audio work reference the artist’s childhood in Kuwait. Revisiting the fantasies that she and her sister elaborated during these early years, Al Qadiri depicts the culture and rituals of diplomacy in which they grew up. In the work, their otherworldly depictions become a somehow humorous way to understand the more recent rise of nationalism and political populism.

27 April - 3 May: Louis Henderson & Filipa César, Sunstone, 2018
The film by Henderson and César, explores how optical technologies of military and colonial design – from lighthouse Fresnel lenses to global satellite navigation systems – both inform and are informed by Western models of knowledge. Registering these technical advances progressively through their film’s materials and means of production, the artists develop what they describe as “a cinema of affect, a cinema of experience - an Op-Film.”

10 - 17 May: Maryam Jafri: Mouthfeel, 2014
Jafri's short film Mouthfeel combines staged and found footage to unravel the politics surrounding the mass production of processed food. The staged scenes are based on an original script by the artist and imagine the conversations of a married couple who work for the same food multinational – a cross between Nestlé and Monsanto. Their exchange is inspired by theatre and television, where socio-political analysis is played out through everyday, familial dialogue with large doses of humour, hypocrisy and violence.