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Anthony Key
John Hiom
Maria Jose Martinez Jurico

Ghosts addressed specific cultural notions about invisibility and other-worldliness. Three artists of different nationalities (Chinese, Spanish and English) made work that drew attention to what was not there, rather than what was.

Anthony Key's
sound installation deconstructed the stereotype of a Chinese take-away. He re-evaluated its position reproducing the 'ghosts' of stir-fry dishes using the sounds of their own making. The installation a take-away menu, from which audio tapes of your dishes.

Maria Jose Matinez Jurico's
work explored the poetic field where art disturbs social consensus. At the same time it enquired into the nature of a present unable to abandon its search for absolution form the past. Her work included photography, sound and poetry.

The subjects for John Hiom's paintings are everyday objects, for example, a lightbulb, a tent, a park bench. The paintings are built up in layers until a presence is attained. However hard the viewer tries to fix these images, they can fade away, like a ghost apparition.