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Nayan Kullarni
Jasper Joseph-Lester
Elisa Sighicelli

Instruments of Deceit explored the poetic acts of looking and seeing by utilising the apparatus of the wunderkannon (chamber of wonders). The work fluctuated between fantasy and reality.

Infiltrating a long wall, Vertical Orange, an installation by Jasper Joseph-Lester, used lenses and light to produce an apparition of an object. A mirror work by Nayan Kullarni revealed an imaginary landscape which was inscribed into Sublime Painting II. Elisa Sighicelli's lightbox replaced represented light in the image of a candle with actual electronic light.


The artists met while studying at the Slade and continue to live and work in London. Jaspar Joseph-Lester has exhibited with the Marc Jancour Gallery, The Lost in Space Gallery and has recently completed a residency at the British School in Rome. Nayan Kullarni has shown widely in the UK. Elisa Sighicelli has exhibited in Italy and London and her work was also included in Sightings at the ICA.