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Chad McCail
Mark Haddon
Michele Rosaus

The artists brought together to exhibit in Insulator offered perspectives that mediate, contain, or inform everyday human experience, both physical and psychologically.

Chad McCail's
intensely drawn aerial views of environments and landscapes bring together architectural town plans with the human causes of disruption and crime. He raises questions as to whether we are examining the map of personal projection and fantasy, or whether this could be a block by block representation of possible public reaction to local events.

Michele Rosaus's panoramic photo of the new town No.2 - Livingstone. Saturday Afternoon, is a contradiction. Recently polled the second most desirable place to live, it is seen here strangely devoid of human presence or imprint - where is everyone? The video works, from the trilogy A Three Piece Suite, gather 100 responses to question that challenge how the body, personal thought and time is conceived and documented.

Mark Haddon's
current work has evolved from ideas based on the relationship between exterior and interior experience. The work presented here explores the communication between individuals via dysfunctional signs and graffiti. They reflect on the link between individuals in public or impersonal environments.