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Over the past ten years Lindsay Seers' has evolved as an autobiographical narrative that charts her desire to become a camera, her flight into ventriloquism and her most recent attempts to become a projector. Seers has performed and made hundreds of images by using her own body as a camera, locating the photographic process inside her body to become an image receptor – her mouth cavity is the camera body and her lips the shutter and aperture. She has also performed the story of her ‘life as a ventriloquist’ in a number of cinemas/venues around the world. This exhibition will be the first expression of her life as a projector.

The body of work interweaves elements of photographic theory, philosophy and recent scientific research and maps them onto actions and processes that define her life story; through this she creates a unique approach to photography and projection.


In her exhibition of new work at Gasworks, Seers explores the three main phases of her process (camera; ventriloquist; projector) in the form of three video works and a book work. Centre stage is the most recent development in her narrative which falls at the point where her life as a camera has become untenable and she realises herself instead as a projector.

The video works for the exhibition are in the form of documentary films which draw inspiration from biographies made about artists for TV/cinema; these pieces feature a number of experts elucidating the theory and impulse behind the artist’s processes and their results. The works featured in the documentaries come directly out of Seers’ recent Triangle Arts Trust fellowships to Paraguay and Mauritius.

I saw the light will be Lindsay Seers’ first public solo exhibition in London, and will form part of a wider project by the artist that incorporates the exhibition (and performance) touring to City Art Gallery, Leicester; and the Grundy Art Gallery in Blackpool; as well as her solo exhibition at the Gallery of Photography, Dublin and commissioned work for Smart Projects’ exhibition Adam in Amsterdam.




Sunday 30th October, 3pm
At Gasworks

Lindsay Seers tells her side of the story in a performance with DVD projection in the gallery.