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Tonico Lemos Auad produces the first in a series of four web-based art commissions. These commissions aim to give artists, who previously have not worked in this medium, the opportunity of developing an online project with the support and expertise of Red Leader Industries.

For this commission, Auad, who is inspired by incidental daily experiences has developed a work which explores busking on the London Underground. Auad's interest lies in the relationships between the buskers, their music, the architecture of the Underground and the experience of the traveller on the tube. Auad invites the viewer to navigate the piece which is reminisent of a jukebox, with a layering of film footage, photographs, lyrics and drawings for each respective 'track'.

The work brings into question our perception of spaces as we travel, the significance of the buskers in relation to the personalisation of urban environments and the relationship between the buskers and the thousands of Londoners who use the tube every day. At the same time the piece will also address the issue of the legality of busking and the distribution of music via the internet.

The launch event was an opportunity to see the project online and included a series of live musical performances throughout the evening.

Tonico Lemos Auad has recently participated in Gasworks International Residency Programme and graduated from Goldsmiths is 2001. He has exhibited in both Brazil and London and has recently taken part in an exhibition at VTO Gallery.


Red Leader specialise in working on new media projects with arts organisations and individuals.

Requirements for viewing
A computer capable of playing sound and Flash 6.

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