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Richard Elliot
Jason Stirland

Jason Stirland paints Norwich at night. These theatrical settings were strangely lit and provided an eerie backdrop for urban living. A sense of neighbourhood is apparent in the work, but this community feels alienated from one another, each member is simultaneously voyeur and viewed. The paintings proposed that the viewer can be momentarily shifted from the real space of the gallery, to the reflected space of the painting.

In his large scale photographs, Richard Elliot looks at institutions, in this case a school. This environment was transformed through lighting and composition to an image resonant with intimate memory and intangible threat. Rather than emphasise the banality of this environment, the photographs strive to extract beauty from their austerity. Jason Stirland graduated from Norwich School of Art and Design in 1996. He has participated in group exhibitions at the Gasworks (xiii and SAD) and at St. Margarets Hall in Norwich. Richard Elliot completed his postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools in London. Since 1990 he has exhibited frequently, including solo shows at the Reeds Wharf Gallery, London, and the Solomon Gallery in Dublin.