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Stéphanie Majoral
Lina Jabbour

Nothing to Lose sees an unprecedented collaboration between Gasworks, London and La Friche, Marseille. Drawing on both organisations commitment to international exchange, Nothing to Lose included four six week artists' residencies, with Gasworks hosting Stéphanie Majoral and Lina Jabbour from Marseille, and La Friche hosting James Ireland and Caroline McCarthy, who are based in Liverpool and London respectively. Both sets of residencies culminated in an exhibition at both venues.

Nothing to Lose at Gasworks saw both Majoral and Jabbour working in and around the gallery space in order to make a site-specific exhibition. By transforming Gasworks into a studio for six weeks, Nothing to Lose presents the artists with an opportunity to respond to the architecture and dynamics of the space and places risk, experimentation and artistic process at the forefront of the project.

Working in photography, drawing and installation, Stéphanie Majoral creates situations which challenge spectators' perceptions of reality and presents an alternative relationship between the viewer and the space that surrounds them. Recent works include Chambre Blanche where Majoral recreated the former domestic use of the exhibition space in a subtle wall-based gesso drawing, which depicted a life-size representation of the previous interior.

Lina Jabbour draws on her experience of travel and displacement by creating installations that explore nomadic architecture and the relationships between an individual and their 'home'. By exploring her own personal experience of moving from the Lebanon to Marseille, Jabbour questions the need for a permanent fixed address and through her installations offers a series of alternatives which are both humorous and topical.

Both Majoral and Jabbour live and work in Marseille. Lina Jabbour is a graduate from the DNSEP à l'Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Bourges and has exhibited throughout France, as well as internationally including Festival Infernal, Berlin, 1997; Lightbulbdelight, Oslo, 1997; and Show-room No. 9, Barcelona, 2000. Stéphanie Majoral, graduate of DNSEP à l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes, also has exhibited widely in France and Europe in both solo and group exhibitions, including Entre Chien et Loup, Montpellier, 1995; Reflex, Barcelona, 2000; Fictionary, Paris, 2000; and Hangar, Barcelona, 2001.