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Leila Galloway
Annie Cattrell

PACE was an exhibition of recent work by London-based artists Leila Galloway and Annie Cattrell who are interested in an innovative use of materials and process. Leila Galloway in 'Blunders and Roundabouts' made a work from shopping trolleys where plasticine clogged the wheels of the empty vehicles rendering them immobile. Fragile glass tubes are intrinsically woven together to form a human nervous system in Annie Cattrell's piece Untitled'. The delicate body is thus exposed hovering inches above the concrete floor, vulnerable to the spectator's feet.


Leila Galloway has exhibited at numerous independent spaces and museums in the UK, including Stoke City Art Gallery, Transmission, Glasgow, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh and London Artforms. Annie Cattrell has exhibited in Scandinavia, Australia and Ireland, and in the UK at Walsall Art Gallery, Oriel Mostyn Gallery, City Art Centre, Fruitmarket, the Collective Gallery, in Edinburgh, and London Artforms amongst others.

"Galloway may have started out on a more frivolous tack, but by suggesting stupidity without too stark a reference to suffering, she endows her work with the perfect public didactic persona"
Althea Greenan, Make Magazine