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Laura Godfrey-Isaacs

Laura Godfrey-Isaacs' series of plasticine paintings exploit the medium in an excessive and playful way. Plasticine is applied and worked by hand forming a textured surface suggesting the expressive quality of abstract expressionist paintings. Whorls of colour, marbleising and patterning suggest kaleidoscopes, crazy paving or other decorative effects. Built around a solid base and extending from the wall like pebbles or firm cushions these objects also have organic references, like the patterning of microbiology or aerial photographs of the earth's surface. .


Godfrey-Isaacs recent exhibitions have included: Stereo-tip at the Soros Centre for Contemporary Art, Slovenia, Wit and Excess at Contemporary Art Centre, Adelaide and tour Australia, and Evolution at the Rembrandt van Rijn Gallery, South Africa. The show was accompanied by an illustrated booklet with essays from Andrew Renton and Dr Colin Richards.

"The allure of Laura Godfrey-Isaacs work is that it is not quite anything; it hovers between stations. She wall-mounts squarish swirling blobs of plasticine which look like paintings yet have the solidity sculptures".
Martin Herbert, Time Out