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Reza Aramesh's highly theatrical photographs are concerned with themes of perception and image, particularly their relation to issues of cultural constructs through globalisation and the media. A recent body of work, which draws heavily on compositions from Renaissance painting, uses non-professional actors to create images which layer the politics of stereotypical perceptions of gender, sexuality and race.

For Gasworks Gallery Aramesh will be staging his latest performance The Key of Dreams at 2pm on Sunday 5th June. Taking inspiration from Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s film The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Aramesh’s new performance will look at how themes of power and desire arise through encounter with the human body, and how appearance affects, and is affected by, notions of difference. The performance will be the basis for a new photographic work specially commissioned for the billboard on Gasworks’ façade.

This billboard project by Reza Aramesh is the second in a series of billboard projects on the façade of the Gasworks building. The first project was a commission by artist Eileen Perrier in November 2004.