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Euginia Chigic-Vronskaia

Euginia Chigic-Vronskaia came to London in 1991 after graduating from the Moscow Fine Arts Polygraphic University. She attended the New York Triangle Workshop, New York and went on to study painting at the Royal College of Art. She is currently a resident artist at the Gasworks.

Chigic-Vronskaia studied icon painting for four years in Moscow which has had a lasting effect on her approach and philosophy to her work. Her recent paintings, although accomplished in the 'West', still encompass many of the fundamental elements of icon painting found in the 'East'. Chigic-Vronskaia says, "To paint - is an on going process, an amalgamation of my years in Russia with the inevitable influence of Western culture, balancing in between these two worlds and embracing the many contradictions and influences."