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Lynn Fulton
Nadine de Koenigswarter

Lynn Fulton participated in Shave International Artists' Workshop, 1992 and in OMI Artists' Workshop, New York, 1993 where she met Nadine de Koenigswarter. Fulton has exhibited in several venues in the North West including the Northern Contemporaries, 1990. She graduated from Bath Academy of Art in 1997 and is currently a post-graduate student at the Slade School of Fine Art. Nadine de Koenigswarter is an artist based in Paris. She has exhibited in several group shows in France including Jours tranquiles à Clichy, curated Alain Kivili which toured to New York in 1994. This was the first opportunity to see de Koenigswarter's work in London.

de Koenigswarter
showed a series of several drawings and rayogrammes. The process in the drawings is similar to the way light acts on paper in a rayogrammes; the artist sprays paint over an object so only surrounded remains. Fulton takes architectural details, from the perimeters of the home, then constructs steel facsimiles of these everyday, functional objects. In the re-making the play between representation and the abstract qualities of the objects is emphasised, evoking emotional resonance's in the memories of such enclosures. Through the use of formal devices de Koenigswarter and Fulton divide and surround space. The identity of the work reveals itself in an indirect way as if all that's left of a memory is the surroundings.