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Damian Roach

Gasworks opens its programme in 2006 with the first solo exhibition in the UK of emerging London-based artist Damien Roach.

Damien Roach’s work is immediately unassuming yet reveals itself as curiously inventive. Possessing a formal simplicity and playfulness, Roach’s work scrutinises the value systems that we use to make sense of the world around us. To date, these investigations have centred on the mutability of perception within commonplace experiences, which are normally considered devoid of any revelatory potential. His painted objects, for example, initially appear to be discarded or reclaimed board or furniture, weathered and worn by time. However, on closer inspection of the scratches and scrapes, delicate and intricate vistas of nature slowly emerge.

Roach’s work takes many forms, incorporating video, drawing, sculpture, installation, painting and audio works. Much of the work involves the manipulation of found images and objects, situating a counter-cultural sensibility alongside a more traditionally orientated one. Furthering his investigation into alternative forms of worldly perception, The deepness of puddles will examine and reconfigure outmoded ideologies and cultural artefacts from the modern era, offering propositions for a latent escapism through the most economical of means. Referencing a range of sources including 60s psychedelia, cognitive psychology and the work of free jazz pioneers such as Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane, Roach looks towards these distinctive outlooks to determine ways of unlocking unseen potential for our comprehension of the world.
Consisting entirely of a brand new body of work, the exhibition will configure all the elements of Roach’s practice, including the production of a publication designed by the artist and a limited-edition audio CD under the moniker patten. Roach’s exhibition will create an experiential setting for visitors who will encounter works varying in scale, form and impact, and will bring to light the highly imaginative system of transferable associations within his practice.

Damien Roach has begun to exhibit extensively in Britain and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include: Damien Roach, Sies & Höke, Düsseldorf, 2005; and The other day, yesterday, today, tomorrow, Schnittraum, Cologne, 2005. Recent group exhibitions include: Ordering the Ordinary, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, 2005; Swansong/Centre of Attention, as part of Always a Little Further, 51st Venice Biennale, 2005; The Mind is a Horse Part 2, Bloomberg SPACE, 2005; and Art Now: Lightbox, Tate Britain, 2005.



TALK: Columbo, Clusters and Circles
Saturday 18th February, 3pm
At Gasworks

PERFORMANCE: Kaleidoscope music performance event
Sunday 19 March, 3pm
At Gasworks

Pupils from St. Mark's Primary School took part in A small big thing working with Damien Roach to create fantasy landscapes.

A publication produced by the artist as part of the exhibition is available from the bookshop.