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Victoria Aldred
Jane Brennan
Mark Cannon
Amanda Currie

This exhibition was held by four artists, midway through their two year postgraduate course at the Slade School of Fine Art, Sculpture Department. Through diverse mediums, (photography, wall drawing, text, intervention, found objects and construction) the artists investigate and question what they see as current concerns in art.

The standardisation of scale present in Victoria Aldred's cast rubber and constructed wooden forms adds ambiguity to their history and source, their use and function. The dyed, painted or varnished surfaces attract, confound and even repel, seeming familiar though we don't know why.

Jane Brennan applies paint and works directly to the wall. The stylised script and accompanying image, presents a statement and an illustration of a romantic scenario, questioning the sincerity of the artist's intention, it forces the viewer to consider notions of duality.

With boundaries between traditional formats becoming increasingly less defined, Mark Cannon's predominantly wall based constructions of painted panels, found objects and made elements, attempt to question where and when does sculpture become sculpture.

Operating mainly outside the studio, Amanda Currie adopts public and private spaces, altering or adding to some aspect of that space. The documentation that remains as a record of these interventions, questions our perception of our physical surroundings, and the complicity of our behavior in the urban situation.