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Video still from final documentation of workshop

The workshop in progress

A completed smoothie

Saturday 13th March

Gasworks welcomed people of all ages to this popular drop-in workshop, inspired by the work of Tim Etchells.

In Etchells' video Art Flavours a curator and an ice-cream maker collaborate to produce ice cream inspired by four essential concepts in contemporary art - the body, the archive, memory and the spectacle. In the workshop, visitors were in turn invited to create their own milkshake or smoothie, inspired by ideas related to previous exhibitions at Gasworks.

Using terms such as 'exile', 'colonial', 'myth', 'absurd' and 'activist' as a starting point, participants combined ingredients and flavours to create their own recipes conceived from and inspired by the language of art history and theory.

The resulting recipes, concepts and photographs now form a part of the Gasworks Collaborative Book of Smoothies. Recipes include cucumber, broccoli, mint and cream to represent 'nature', and a savoury smoothie with tomato, chilli, pepper and celery to convey the concept 'activist'.

Authors of the recipes gave interviews about their creations, discussing the development of ideas behind the flavours. Visitors were invited to taste and analyse the smoothies and milkshakes and guess what the flavours represented. The interviews and tastings were recorded on video to explore the methods and difficulties of translation and representation - themes that Tim Etchells' works in his solo exhibition investigate.