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As part of the ‘Even Better Together’ programme at Gasworks, artist Albert Potrony led three 1-day workshops in collaboration with ATD Fourth World.

ATD Fourth World invited families participating in their Family support programme to these sessions exploring a wide range of art forms including performance, sculpture, drawing, photography and film making. The workshops culminated in an exhibition at Gasworks' Education Studio.

Taking inspiration from ATD's base in south London, Albert and the families explored the social history of the building. Using archive material for collage and character exploration, they spent the first day creating satirical artworks that engage with the surroundings combining performance, film making and costume design.

The second day started with a visit to the Curve gallery at the Barbican. A tour of Robert Kusmirowski's installation was followed by a group discussion. Inspired by their experiences with the work, the families collaborated to make a large-scale drawing and then worked together to create their own installations. Using the idea of a diorama, the families worked together to make model environments inside pizza shaped boxes. These were viewed first hand through small apertures as well as photographed to explore the idea of the real and the simulated in sculpture and photography.

On the last day of the workshop the group looked at AADIEU ADIEU APA (Goodbye Goodbye Father), the exhibition by Olivia Plender at Gasworks. Focusing on The Empire City (2009) - Plender's diorama sculpture based on the 1924 British Empire Exhibition, Albert encouraged the participants to consider how built structures can represent ideas.

Reflecting on the previous workshops and on how to communicate identity and ideas through objects, the families completed work for the Even Better Together International Exhibition of 2009 made of their own perfect pavilions and palaces representing ideals such as 'no more poverty' 'justice' and 'the end of racism'. The workshop ended with each collaborative group's presentation of their own pavilions and palaces and a discussion of the ideas behind them.

ATD Fourth World is the partner of Gasworks for Even Better Together, a three year programme of family workshops funded by the BIG Lottery Fund.