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Saturday October 24th, Saturday November 7th, Saturday November 14th

In October and November we opened our doors for a busy round of workshops, part of the families' programme Even Better Together. The fun and informal sessions led by artist Abbie Hunt drew inspiration from Olivia Plender exhibition.

Saturday 24th October
Responding to Olivia Plender's diorama Empire City, the families developed their own cityscape. After creating detailed drawings of buildings from memory, the group discussed Plender's work, looking at how each of the buildings on display had been made and exploring the details in the models. The families then went on to construct their own models based on the drawings and using cardboard, tapes and string. The day concluded with all of the models being displayed in the gallery alongside Plender's work.

Saturday 7th November
Inspired by Olivia Plender's posters that detailed various historic events, the workshop focused on memory and personal histories. Starting with a memory game, the families had thirty seconds to look at a group of random objects and then draw as many of them as they could remember when the objects had been taken away. Following this each family reflected on their own stories from the past and made drawings of their most powerful memory. Using white cardboard and black tape, each person then made their own memory bubble to express these personal recollections and the rest of the group guessed what it could have been.

Saturday 14th November, 10.30 to 12.30 and 2.00 to 4.00pm
Using casting techniques and plaster, the families explored sculpture making. Looking at the Empire City diorama once more, they explored how each of the models had been made with the smallest details reproduced. Everyone created plasticine moulds for their own model buildings. Different objects were then used to create patterns in the plasticine which would be revealed after the plaster set in the mould. While the plaster was setting, the families looked at Plender's video piece What is England? and created collages of Vauxhall and Oval, using printed photos and other materials. To end the day, the group removed the models from their casts and admired the results together.