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Sixth form students from Archbishop Tenison's School took part in a storyboarding project inspired by REPRESENT, the recent exhibition of video works by David Blandy and Saskia Holmkvist. Both lower and upper sixth students discussed classic techniques used in cinematography and in interpreting contemporary video art, and used this knowledge to go on to design their own storyboards.

Over the course of six sessions led by David Blandy and Olivia Plender, the students took part in a rich project connecting video and cartooning techniques. During the workshops, students made a close reading of The Soul of London, the final part in the trilogy The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim by David Blandy. Through studying the relationship between video and cartooning the students developed a strong awareness of the techniques and tools used in film making, and the impact these techniques create on audiences.

Students worked with a variety of materials from photographs, found images, drawing and painting tools to create fascinating and playful storyboards, bringing in their own personal styles and interests. The results were very individual works that tied in with the themes being studied in the national curriculum.