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Preview - Wednesday 24 May, 6-8.30pm.

Join us for a night of unintelligible contingency as eleven Fine Artists attempt to babble their way through a minefield of altered narratives and script-less ochlocracy.

In collaboration with Gasworks, we watch as these Central St Martin's spawn orienteer through a maze of failure and conspiracy. Revolving around notions of exigency and adaptability, this indoctrination attempted to deconstruct the conventions of film-making, questioning the sacred Hollywood hierarchy otherwise traditionally established. Adopting this concept in accordance with the one-week residency at Gasworks, they utilised the space, testing ideas through object-based performances, documentarian filmic exercises and post-production rituals.

Weaving around the difficulties of collaborating among a large group, multiple investigations unfolded, creating opportunities for individuals to further develop specific aspects of the work.  A collaboration of the masses is at work in this event, with each work pulling ties to the next. The notion of ego and success is abandoned at the entrance to the show, substituted instead for the willingness to fail. Periodically lingering in the realms of surrealism and whimsical thought, the longer you spend in the presence of the works the more you succumb to this notion of delusion, rendering you victims to the sincerity of the cinéma vérité vomited in front of you.

Featuring collaborative and individual works by: Timothy Adams, Anjali Kasturi, Brittany Rochford, Isaac Healy, Tamami Mizutani, Valentin Rosso, Brontë Sapsford, Karis Crawford, Lizzie Castledine, Aruna Kerek and Bella McElwain.


The Scriptless Film Project was devised by Erika Tan in dialogue with Gasworks. Taking the  ‘script-less film’ as a means of approaching the medium of moving image from a position of indeterminacy, the students undertook a mini-residency in Gasworks, working collectively to generate material and approaches for the exhibition.