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Over the course of three sessions Year 10 pupils from Charles Edward Brooke Girls School collaborated with artist Abbie Hunt to plan, organise and lead an after school workshop aimed at a family audience. In this way, the group took ownership of their Even Better Together workshops and had the chance to demonstrate how they think things should be run.

Thursday 26 March 2009
In the first session the group discussed how they could organise their own art workshop for families. They considered various questions including: What does it mean to be an artist? What are art galleries for? Why do galleries have education projects? And why have projects specifically for families? As their ideas and opinions developed, a large sheet of paper was used to create mind maps, recording the possible themes and ideas they could use for their own final family workshop.

After lunch and having decided to have colour as the theme for their planned workshop, the group considered how they could encourage families to come. Looking back at previous flyers and invitations to workshops and arts events, the group designed and created their own flyer using a fanzine style of cut and paste techniques.

Monday 20 April 2009
The second session took the form of a formal meeting complete with an agenda and minutes. In this meeting practicalities were discussed, such as the timings for the workshop and what materials were needed. More artistic concerns around which activities would reflect the theme of 'colour' the best were also resolved. Finally jobs were allocated to each team member.

Those whose focus was on marketing the workshop also discussed who the specific audiences were that they wanted to attract, and how they could target them..

Monday 6 May 2009
For the final session, the group from Charles Edward Brooke Girls School delivered their workshop.

The workshop kicked off with a giant cat's cradle game. Families sat in a circle around a large sheet of paper and in turn threw a ball of string to the different people in the group, asking questions such as what is your favorite colour? What colour do you wear every day, and so on. After every throw, the wool was attached to the paper, creating the cat's cradle effect.

Continuing to work on this piece in the next game, clues with instructions of how to fill in each part of the cat's cradle had been hidden around the room and participants had to first find each clue and carry out the instructions accordingly. Instructions included- fill in a large shape using just mini coloured spots, fill in a small shape using green coloured tape, from where you were sitting walk 2 steps forward and then 3 steps to the right and fill in the shape you are standing on using your favorite colour and so on.

The workshop finished with a musical pass the camera game where individuals took photographs of objects in colours chosen from a hat when the music stopped, building up a collage of colour images.