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Abigail Hunt, What's the difference between...., 2013, orginal artwork

The finished piece installed on Gasworks Billboard, 9 July 2013

Commissioned by Gasworks' Participation Programme, artist Abigail Hunt has created a large-scale collage comprising a series of cut and pasted images to form an evolving art work for Gasworks' external billboard. 

The work is a visual response to a series of workshops with families from Herbert Morrison, St John the Divine and St Marks Primary Schools that took place at the beginning of 2013. The sessions interrogated different understandings of rules, instructions and manifestos within school, home and work environments, in a response to the exhibition Playing Truant by Adelita Husni-Bey.

Hunt's commission is just one element of Gasworks’ ongoing Even Better Together programme. Since 2008, Even Better Together has developed intergenerational workshops, events and projects with a range of communities local to Gasworks. Often working over a long period of time with a selection of committed artists, local groups, organisations and individuals, Even Better Together provides a unique platform and context to explore the shifting dynamic of collaborations between artists and local residents.